Today, 21 December 2016, another student of the South African-German Centre for Transnational Criminal Justice, Marshet Tadesse Tessema from Ethiopia, successfully completed his PhD Project by giving his disputation at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. Mr Tessema is the sixth alumnus of the Centre to receive his doctoral degree. The title of his outstanding work is ‘Prosecution of “Politicide” in Ethiopia: The Red Terror Trials’.

After his undergraduate studies in Ethiopia, Mr Tessema was admitted as a full DAAD scholarship holder to the LL.M.-programme ‘Transnational Criminal Justice and Crime Prevention – An International and African Perspective’ in 2012. After he successfully graduated with the Master’s degree, Mr Tessema was given a full DAAD scholarship to pursue his PhD studies at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

We are sure that the findings of Mr Tessema on the crime of politicide and the Ethiopian trials of the so-called ‘Red Terror’ will have significant impact on Transitional Justice developments not only in his home country, but on an international basis.

The South African-German Centre congratulates Mr Tessema on the successful achievement of his doctoral degree. We wish him all the very best for his future projects.

Mr Tessema with the Doctoral Committee

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