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    • The cane keeps Africa going

      Interviews from the International Alumni Conference in Cape Town November 2017. What does this have to do with beating? If you ask an artist, a painter, he will tell you immediately that sometimes you have to change perspective. Go far away from your painting, to see it as a distant structure or go very close […]


    • CEMEREM – image video online available for the “Centre of Excellence for Mining, Environmental Engineering and Resource Management”

      “Vor der Schippe ist es duster!”, is a German miners saying, meaning “It’s dark in front of the shovel.” We have put some light there and now the image video of the centre is ready to be presented.   After some changes in the hosting of the DAADs website, finally the new image video of […]


    • DAAD Network Meeting 2017 in Kenya – Video online

      Is the attention span of an academic longer than the regular internet attention span of some seconds? I said yes, and here comes a video of 12 minutes length. Claus Pakleppa summing up, what took place at the Network Meeting 2017 in Kenya. The video is available as a HD version for larger presentations on […]


    • Back from Kenya with 860 GB of film data

      The zazudesign – die Schwarzwald Werbeagentur in Berlin film team is back in Germany with a hard drive full of data. Thank you to everyone who participated and supported us to do our work! As we know from the quantum mechanics is the influence from an observer on the observed subject growing with the intensity of […]


    • How to put the image film of your center on your website?

      Or, how to put an african-excellence image film on any website? Updated October 2019 We made this a very easy task: Just visit the video-embed-site and choose your video and subtitle version here: – embed videos Now you just copy the code that appears in the grey field and copy and paste it […]


    • A picture shows the truth – a film shows 24 pictures per second

      This quote of the French filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard is, seen from a scientific background, everything else but the truth! Since Immanuel Kant we know, that apperception is a function of our brain and to recognize the world, as it is “in-itself” is beyond our excellence. With the Austrian epistemologist Paul Feyerabend we could now shout […]