Or, how to put an african-excellence image film on any website?

Updated October 2019

We made this a very easy task:

Just visit the zazu.berlin video-embed-site and choose your video and subtitle version here: zazu.berlin – embed videos

Now you just copy the code that appears in the grey field and copy and paste it to your websites code, exactly at the place where you want the video to appear.

That’s it!


The video is now streamed from the african-excellence website into a so called “iframe” on your website. It is the same procedure as on YouTube, only that our version is responsive webdesign and adjusts to the size of the monitor, from mobile phones up to normal computer monitors.

If there are any questions or problems you can contact me here: info@zazu.berlin


Author: Thomas Hezel

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  1. Dr. Dorothee Weyler says:

    Big thanks to zazu.berlin for making this easy way of use possible!

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