Important course for DAAD-Centres will be offered again in August

Third-Party funding are drastically decreasing. How can Centres of Excellence be encouraged to establish a plan to make up for the lack of funding for projects to develop e-learning practices?

When it comes to developing E-learning products for Educational Institutions, so many directions can be taken. There are several questions around the

How? For whom? And above all, where to start?

The Financial Sustainability I and II modules developed by DIGI-FACE with the support of the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management for African Centers of Excellence and its network offer a clear and simplified methodology to get started. The courses are based on the use of market research and budgeting tools. These tools are representative of the first phase of any project: identification of needs, target audience, competitors and budgeting. These blended learning modules are based on hands-on activities on Moodle and Zoom sessions to promote experience sharing and provide each Centre with the experience or expert perspective on the methodology for developing activities. Under the title “Getting Started”, these modules are there to hold hands with project leaders for the creation of e-learning cells in training Centres affiliated with the DIGI-FACE network. These project leaders will have the task of convincing, promoting and rallying the administrative team of each Center to the idea that e-learning practices can be a boon for reducing training costs and improving the quality of institutions’ training offers.

With these two new modules, DIGI-FACE hopes to simplify the first steps of identifying needs while popularizing e-learning practices. The final objective for each Centre is to find the right economic model to cope with possible reductions in subsidies from international donors and thus sustain online training financially.

The Financial Sustainability Curse I and II are run separately in English and French.

CourseLive Sessions
Financial Sustainability I (English) Develop your Business ModelSession I : 08th August 2023 – 4pm (CAT)*
Session II : 15th August – 4pm (CAT)*
Financial Sustainability I (French) Develop your Business ModelSession I : 07th August 2023 – 4pm (CAT)*
Session II : 14th August – 4pm (CAT)*
Financial Sustainability II (English) Calculate your own costsSession I : 18th August 2023 – 4pm (CAT)*
Session II : 22th August – 4pm (CAT)*
Financial Sustainability II (French) Calculate your own costsSession I : 17th August 2023 – 4pm (CAT)*
Session II : 21th August – 4pm (CAT)*
*CAT : Central African Time

Many DAAD Centres have already addressed these issues and participated in the first run of these courses. But not all centres have been involved in these trainings yet – this can change now!

You are an employee of a specialist centre and are curious: then apply here shortly:

The DIGI-FACE team around Prof. Eisenberg and Prof. Webb would be very pleased about the participation of your Centre of Excellence!

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