In today’s world things are changing dramatically and we are becoming one global village, with more opportunity arising from all corners of the world you are able to study anywhere in the world. This means that we are no longer bound to Namibia, but we experience and gain knowledge around the world.

Every year Namibian students who study Transport and Logistics, get an opportunity to spend a semester abroad (Germany) at the University of Applied Science in Flensburg in partnership with Namibian University of Science and Technology through the scholarship of DAAD. As well as with the assistance of Namibian German Centre for Logistics (NGCL). Flensburg is a town in the northern part of Germany close to the borders of Denmark.  The cooperation of these two universities allow Namibian students to spend one semester in Flensburg studying and doing an internship at a German logistics companies.

Picture left to right Mwandingi Jesaya, Amupolo Maria, Ms Ronakeh Warasthe, Pombili Nghihalwa and Uutako Paavo

Picture left to right Mwandingi Jesaya, Amupolo Maria, Ms Ronakeh Warasthe, Pombili Nghihalwa and Uutako Paavo

Maria Amupolo shares her experience how it feels to spend a semester abroad in Germany, Flensburg

Maria Amupolo is one of the brightest logistics students and earned herself the opportunity to spend a semester abroad together with other four students from NUST Namibia. She says coming to Germany was a unique experience for her because Germany is one of the best country when it comes to logistics and indeed the best place to provide a learning and practical platform for Logistics students.

Maria Amupolo on her travels through Europe, standing at one of Amsterdam’s canals.

Maria Amupolo on her travels through Europe, standing at one of Amsterdam’s canals.

Studying at the University of Applied Science was a great as it helped her to acquire the necessary skills especially on how to use the SAP and ERP software tools that are used worldwide by a majority of the large multinational companies that helps to integrate applications in order to optimize business process.

She says she was very fortunate to do SAP and ERP system training, as it is costly to do this specific course in Namibia. Furthermore, she has worked on several research projects with other international & German students. Giving Maria the opportunity to explore Germany, the German language and familiarise herself with different cultural diversity. She said; “The University is equipped with modern equipment, which made it easier to study, a good library with helpful resources. There were always people willing to assist with her research work as well as professors who are very kind and have all their students’ interests at heart; they were always available to assist in any circumstances. This was amazing and gave a whole extra dimension to the study experience.

Living and studying in Flensburg was not been a big challenge. Their public transport is reliable and you don’t really need a car, as you can take the bus to almost all the corners of Flensburg. Accommodation in Flensburg is affordable for international and local students, mostly well-equipped and student friendly.

Furthermore, Maria added that she is grateful for the DAAD scholarship that covered for all her expenses abroad, she further stated that her dream of going to Europe became a reality through the scholarship and she got the opportunity to travel to other countries close to Germany such as the Netherlands, Austria and Denmark. Meeting people from people all walks of life and this gave her an exposure which changed her perception of how things are done in foreign countries and how culture plays are big role. NGCL also did a great job in facilitating the studying abroad and it is definitely something she would recommend to others.

Spread your wings and learn  here is more out there and broaden your horizons. It will only benefit you more in the future.


Written by: Jesaya Mwandingi and Maria Amupolo

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