author: Cossi Afatondji Ulriche

My name is Cossi Ulriche Afatondji, Pro-RUWA PhD scholar (First Cohort). During my second academic year (2023) I got an exchange opportunity to travel in Germany (University of Kassel) and in Netherlands (University of Twente) to learn and to improve my skills in different topic (GIS, Remote sensing, spatial modeling and Agent-based modelling) related to my PhD research topic.

At University of Kassel, I was supported by my second supervisor Prof Eva Schlecht and his assistant Dr. Christian Bateki. This exchange opportunity in Germany during two months, was planned to have a real discussion with my second supervisor about my research objectives and related activities to carry out these objectives. We took this opportunity to look at my progress about my PhD planning and also about the preliminary result outcome from field activity. Before leaving from University of Kassel, with my supervisor we have planned the remains activities according to my research plan. I have also attended some workshop to improve my skills and knowledge in GIS, remote sensing and spatial modelling.

Grace to collaboration and research network between University of Kassel and University of Twente, I have got also an exchange opportunity to attend courses at University of Twente in Netherlands for three months. I was supported by Dr. Yue Dou, Assistant Professor at Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (ITC) of the University of Twente. I had a good and great opportunity to attend some course in Environmental modelling: Changing Resources and Agent-based modelling. This courses brought me some skills specially related to PhD research objectives.

In addition to skills and competence got grace to this exchange opportunity, I met a good people with different competence and background and from different countries. Indeed, my research network pocket has increased. This is one of the good point for future research collaboration.

I suggest and recommend to any PhD student or researcher and particularly to my Pro-RUWA PhD colleagues to get any exchange opportunity because it’s help not only in research field but also in real life. During all of my staying in Germany and Netherlands, I gratefully supported by Dr. Martin Wiehle (Pro-RUWA project coordinator) regarding the administrator processes. I thank all of the Pro-RUWA team from Germany and Benin.

Center for Disaster Resilience Symposium workshop 2023 (ITC)
Data collection (University Twente)
Center for Disaster Resilience Symposium workshop 2023 (ITC)
Social meeting with international students (University of Kassel)

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