Flashback on DIGI-FACE Lessons

As for me, the preparatory online course on technologically leveraged learning and learning principles left indelible memory markers, key among them being:

  • Reflective journalling
  • Orchestrated immersion
  • Scaffolding and sequencing

From one of the exercises, I developed the transformation map below, situating technologically leveraged learning within the broader global context.

CEMEREM – Taita Taveta University Delegation

Remotopia, or remote working, has become a buzzword. In a world becoming increasingly connected through a meshed network of digital spaces, a progressive realisation of the metaverse concept, universities cannot be left behind if they are to produce market-ready graduates for the new borderless knowledge generation and research environment. Proficiency in utilising digital tools to enhance learning outcomes is critical to reaching new heights of excellence for any modern university.

Like the towering giraffe of the Tsavo with good eyesight, DIGI-FACE saw far ahead and set the pace by training university staff affiliated with the DAAD-funded Centres of Excellence in Africa in technologically leveraged learning. Scaffolding and sequencing, orchestrated immersion, and reflective journalling were among the key points of interest. Little wonder, then, that Taita Taveta University, located in the Tsavo ecoregion of Kenya, became a first among equals in having her staff qualify to travel to South Africa for in-depth training in e-learning programme development. Taita Taveta University is the hosting centre for the Kenyan-German Centre of Excellence for Mining, Environmental Engineering and Resource Management (CEMEREM), the first such DAAD-funded centre of excellence in Africa with an engineering orientation.

A young and progressive university, Taita Taveta University has been referred to as a silent player who is keen on not being the best-known university out of age and student numbers, but on being simply the best in impacting learners, graduates, and the larger society beyond the traditional classroom walls.

The Dates, Destination, and Destiny

A team of five dedicated staff members is gearing up to participate in an e-Learning Development Training programme scheduled to take place at Nelson Mandela University, Port Elizabeth, South Africa, from 11th to 14th June 2024. This intensive programme, funded by grants from DIGI-FACE and CEMEREM, promises to equip the team of lecturers and IT staff with the cutting-edge knowledge and skills essential to designing and developing immersive, engaging and effective e-learning experiences and adoption strategies.

Upon return, the Taita Taveta University team will be multipliers of the benefits of this coveted training. The delivery plan for acquired knowledge and skills consists in:

  • Workshops and training sessions to equip other academic staff at Taita Taveta University with the tools and strategies to develop their own e-learning courses.
  • Increased e-learning adoption by building a supportive environment for faculty to explore and integrate e-learning into their daily teaching practices.
  • Enhanced student learning by providing students with a more immersive, diverse and engaging learning experience that is responsive to different learning styles, not forgetting to aspire to orchestrated immersion, which was part of DIGI-FACE training under learning principles.

The Gratitude

Taita Taveta Univesity (Home of Ideas) is incredibly grateful to DIGI-FACE and CEMEREM for their generous sponsorship, which has attracted this transformative opportunity to be within reach. This joint support allows TTU to take a quantum leap forward in embracing cutting-edge e-learning practices. The participants will be sharing the experiences and insights gained from the programme, along with exciting developments in e-learning at Taita Taveta University.

In German, we say, “Vielen Dank! Alles klar.”

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  1. Elisa Adams says:

    Great input and share of experience! I wish you all the best for your training by our E-Learing professionals at Nelson Mandela University in Gqeberha and that you take home many insights on how to adapt your current courses to engaging e- and blended learning classes!
    Viel Erfolg! 😉

  2. Nashon Adero says:

    Thank you! We are progressing well and the trainers have exposed us adequately to the rich diversity of teaching and learning resources resident in the DIGI-FACE platform and other linked sources e.g., Canva, H5P, etc.

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