A delegation of 18 bachelor students, under the guidance of Professor Gert Fieguth from the University of Applied Sciences in Kehl, Germany, embarked on a unique educational journey to South Africa during the month of February. The primary objective of their visit was to gain practical insights into public administration, enriching their academic pursuits with real-world experiences.

The students explored various South African locations, including Cape Town, Jefferey’s Bay, and the friendly city of Port Elizabeth. In Port Elizabeth, the group had planned to visit Nelson Mandela University. However, due to unrest on the campus during their visit on Monday, 26 March 2024, they regrettably had to alter their plans.

Undeterred by this unexpected turn of events, the Kehl student group embraced an alternative itinerary. Their destination shifted to the Cape Recife Nature Reserve, where the iconic lighthouse served as the backdrop for an insightful session on the DIGI-FACE initiative. Karlien Potgieter, a member of the DIGI-FACE team, provided a short presentation, shedding light on the project’s goals and achievements.

The students made the most of their visit to the nature reserve, seizing the opportunity to engage with DIGI-FACE members and learn more about the project. Joana Fakler and Julia Franke, two students from Kehl University, also took the stage to share their internship experiences in South Africa over the past three weeks.

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  1. Emile KABORE says:

    Nice job congratulations.

  2. Voyager pour apprendre, c’est très fascinant.
    Je salue bien leur courage.

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